Home Security Systems Guide

Learn About Types of Home Security SystemsAre you interested in securing your home? There are many types of security systems—most security systems are a combination of technologies meant to secure different aspects of your property. From smart sensors to videos cameras, these security systems can let you know if your home has been breached and help you protect your home when you're away. Additionally, security systems are typically a home improvement with a high return on investment and increase the amount of capital gains. Read on to learn about the most common types of security systems.

Learn About Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter security systems are designed to alert you if an intruder is present on your property. They're your first method of protection. What happens when your alarm is triggered? Typically, the system will connect with you, your security company, or the local police department. Most people start with a perimeter security alarm. Common types of perimeter systems include:

  • Exterior motion detection. These systems can alert you if someone is approaching your property. Often, they will set off motion-detecting floodlights so anyone approaching your home is more visible.
  • Window and door contact systems. These are what you traditionally think of with home security—systems that alert you if a window or a door is opened when you're not home or asleep.
  • Glass-break detection. These specialized systems detect when glass breaks. Certain window contact alarms will only activate if the window is opened, so this system provides added protection.
  • Camera systems. Today, many people have exterior camera systems that they can check (and that can alert them to movement) and doorbell cameras that can tell them who is at the door before they walk up to check it.

Together, these systems should be able to identify when someone approaches your home and attempts forced entry.

The Advantages of Internal Security Systems

What happens if someone defeats your external security system? While perimeter security systems are important, many people also invest in internal security systems for additional coverage. Imagine that you've forgotten to engage your security system or forgotten to lock your door. An internal security system could allow you to know where an intruder is using devices like:

  • Motion sensors. These systems are advanced today; they can automatically detect the movement of pets, so you don't have regular false alarms.
  • Heat sensors. Like motion sensors, they detect people who shouldn't be in the house—but instead of using motion, they use heat. Even if someone is moving slowly, they will be detected.
  • Internal cameras. Homeowners can use internal cameras to take a look inside their home, make sure everything's okay, and identify if the person in the house is an approved guest, such as a house sitter.

These security systems also often include fire alarms, carbon monoxide monitors, and water detection systems—because you need to secure your home against intruders, but also against potential disaster.

Get the Latest Protection with Smart Security Systems

Modern smart security systems are built of a combination of these systems and a central smart hub that controls everything. Smart security systems can have functions such as tracking household members to know when they're home or automatically unlocking the house as you approach.

Smart security systems can also detect unusual behaviour, such as someone approaching your doorbell camera in the middle of the night.

Most smart security systems also tie into other smart home functionality, such as the ability to turn lights on and off remotely or the ability to control your HVAC system (air conditioning and furnace) from anywhere. If you're buying a new construction home, you have even more freedom to customize a smart security system.

Today's security systems are extremely advanced and great protection for your home and household. A good security system can improve your property values and make your home more attractive to buyers.

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